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Greetings in the name of Jesus,

I bless you in Jesus name. It is so exciting to be a part of God’s army in this hour. My heart and compassion is for souls. My desire is to stir up hunger and thirst for more of Him, to build faith and trust in God.  I look forward to fellowship and standing with you. God bless you in your journey for the Kingdom of God.   

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Creative, Builder, leader, Author, Experienced, soul winner, business woman

good to know.

God called me in 1993, I preached my very first message in December 1995. Held my first conference, Soul Winning Conference at Gospel Light Church, Santa Ana, CA. in 1996. Organized Prepare for War in June 1998. Stepped out by faith in September 1998 and the rest is history.

Work Experience.

I’ve had so many experiences in ministry, I couldn’t possibly tell it all. I’ve tried to summarize some of it in this bio.  My life has been one of many up’s and down’s, twist and turns. I’ve had moments that I wanted to let go and give up but God!


Why am I highlighting this area? It’s not because I went to Harvard or any other major college. It is to encourage those that didn’t. Like many others, God opened doors that most people had degrees for. With God, we can do anything!


No More Silence is a move of God for the body of Christ. We must be realigned by His Spirit to His will by faith.  We are soldiers of the Living God and we must stand up! No more silence will stir up the gifts of God within you so that you become a flame of fire.

My Calling.



God called me as an Apostle. He calls and equips as He sees fit. He uses the most unlikely men and women to clothe with His power! All I can say is, “Great God, here I am”.


published author

I have written two books and I am featured in a third one. Most recently, I published “Your God given Birth Right” which is on Amazon.


business woman

Business has always been in my life. I have had 10 businesses beginning in 1990. I have always enjoyed working with people.  Our God is awesome!

more about me


We all have extra stuff we just want you to know. I hope you enjoy this page as I attempt to show you who I am.


I have traveled through 15 US states, preaching and teaching the gospel. Internationally, I have traveled to Montego Bay Jamaica for ministry purposes.


Author of: Awake & Arise to the Body of Christ and “Your God given Birth Right” which can be found on Amazon.


No Place to Go Play has been written and performed in ministry. 


Years ago, we recorded our first single, “Come Unto Me”. In 2019 we recorded “It’s War Time”. Recording will be released in 2020!

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